Journal articles


97 - Influence of the hydration by the environmental humidity on the metallic speciation and the photocatalytic activity of Cr/MCM-41.
V.R. Elías, E.V. Sabre, E.L. Winkler, L. Andrini, F.G. Requejo, S.G. Casuscelli, G.A. Eimer.
J. Solid State Chem. 213, 229 (2014).

96 - Preferential CO oxidation on Pt–Cu/Al2O3 catalysts with low Pt loadings.
L.E. Gómez, B.M. Sollier, M.D. Mizrahi, J.M. Ramallo López, E.E. Miró, A.V. Boix.
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 39 (8), 3719 (2014).


95 - Study of the nature and location of silver in Ag-exchanged mordenite catalysts. Characterization by spectroscopic techniques.
S.G. Aspromonte, M.D. Mizrahi, F.A. Schneeberger, J.M. Ramallo López, A.V. Boix.
J. Phys. Chem. C 117 (48), 25433 (2013).

94 - Self-assembly of PBzMA-b-PDMAEMA diblock copolymer films at the air–water interface and deposition on solid substrates via Langmuir–Blodgett transfer.
P.C. dos Santos Claro, M.E. Coustet, C. Diaz, E. Maza, M.S. Cortizo, F.G. Requejo, L.I. Pietrasanta, M. Ceolín, O. Azzaroni.
Soft Matter. 9, 10899 (2013).

93 - Experimental and theoretical investigation of the electronic structure of Cu2O and CuO thin films on Cu(110) using x-ray photoelectron and absorption spectroscopy.
P. Jiang, D. Prendergast, F. Borondics, S. Porsgaard, L.J. Giovanetti, E. Pach, J. Newberg, H. Bluhm, F. Besenbacher, M. Salmeron.
J. Chem. Phys. 138, 024704 (2013).

92 - XANES study of the radiation damage on alkanethiolates-capped Au nanoparticles.
J.M. Ramallo-López, L.J. Giovanetti, F.C. Vicentin, F.G. Requejo.
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 430, 012034 (2013).


91 - Semi-Analytical modeling of Ag and Au nanoparticles and fullerene (C60) embedded gate oxide Compound Semiconductor MOSFET memory Devices.
A. Sengupta, C.K. Sarkar, F.G. Requejo.
J. Comp. Electronics 11 (4), 303 (2012).

90 - Aminopropyl-modified mesoporous silica SBA-15 as recovery agents of Cu(II)-sulfate solutions: Adsorption efficiency, functional stability and reusability aspects.
M.V. Lombardo, M. Videla, A. Calvo, F.G. Requejo and G.J.A.A. Soler-Illia.
J. Hazar. Mater. 223-224, 53 (2012).

89 - Study of nucleation and growth mechanism of the metallic nanodumbbells.
G. Krylova, L.J. Giovanetti, F.G. Requejo, N.M. Dimitrijevic, A. Prakapenka and E.V. Shevchenko.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134 (9), 4384 (2012).

88 - Formation of an extended CoSi2 thin nanohexagons array coherently buried in silicon single crystal.
G. Kellermann, L.A. Montoro, L.J. Giovanetti, P.C. dos Santos Claro, L. Zhang, A.J. Ramirez, F.G. Requejo and A.F. Craievich.
App. Phys. Lett. 100, 063116 (2012).

87 - Shape changes of Pt nanoparticles induced by deposition on mesoporous silica.
L.J. Giovanetti, J.M. Ramallo-López, M. Foxe, L.C. Jones, M.M. Koebel, G.A. Somorjai, A.F. Craievich, M.S. Salmeron and F.G. Requejo.
Small 8 (3), 468 (2012).

86 - 3CaH2+4MgB2+CaF2 reactive hydride composite as a potential hydrogen storage material: Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation Pathway.
K. Suarez Alcantara, J.M. Ramallo López, U. Bösenberg, I. Saldan, C. Pistidda, F.G. Requejo, T. Jensen, Y. Cerenius, M. Sørby, J. Avila, J. Bellosta von Colbe, K. Taube, T. Klassen and M. Dornheim.
J. Phys. Chem. C 116 (12), 7207 (2012).

85 - The chemistry and structure of nickel-tungsten coatings obtained by pulse galvanostatic electrodeposition.
M.P. Quiroga Argañaraz, S.B. Ribotta, M.E. Folquer, E. Zelaya, C. Llorente, J.M. Ramallo-López, G. Benítez, A. Rubert, L.M. Gassa, M.E. Vela and R.C. Salvarezza.
Electrochimica Acta 72, 87 (2012).

84 - NEXAFS study of 2LiF-MgB2 composite.
I. Saldan, J.M. Ramallo-López, F.G. Requejo, K. Suarez-Alcantara, J. Bellosta von Colbe and J. Avila.
Internat. J. Hydrogen Energy 37 (13), 10236 (2012).

83 - New insights into the chemistry of thiolate-protected palladium nanoparticles.
G. Corthey, A.A. Rubert, A.L. Picone, G. Casillas, L.J. Giovanetti, J.M. Ramallo-López, E. Zelaya, G.A. Benítez, F.G. Requejo, M. José-Yacamán, R.C. Salvarezza and M.H. Fonticelli.
J. Phys. Chem. C 116 (17), 9830 (2012).


82 - Ge-modified Pt/SiO2catalysts used in preferential CO oxidation (CO-PROX).
H.P. Bideberripe,J.M. Ramallo-López, S.J.A. Figueroa, M.A. Jaworski, M.L. Casella and G.J. Siri.
Catal. Comm. 12 (14), 1280 (2011).

81 - Liquid-phase furfural hydrogenation employing silica-supported PtSn and PtGe catalysts prepared using surface organometallic chemistry on metals techniques.
A.B. Merlo, V. Vetere, J.M. Ramallo-López, F.G. Requejo and M.L. Casella.
Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, 104 (2), 467 (2011).

80 - Study of the relative performance of silicon and germanium nanoparticles embedded gate oxide in MOS memory devices.
G. Chakraborty, A. Sengupta, F.G.Requejo and C.K. Sarkar.
J. App. Phys. 109, 064504 (2011).

79 - XANES - PCA analysis of Ti-species in MCM-41 Mesoporous Silica Synthesized by Different Methods.
O.A. Anunziata, A.R. Beltramone, M.L. Martinez, L.J. Giovanetti, F.G. Requejo and E.J Lede.
Appl. Catal. A: General 397 (1-2), 22 (2011).

78 - “Naked” Gold Nanoparticles Supported on HOPG: melanin functionalization and catalytic Activity.
A. González Orive, D. Grumelli, C. Vericat, J. M. Ramallo López, L. Giovanetti, G. Benitez, J. Azcárate, G. Corthey, M. H. Fonticelli, F. G. Requejo, A. Hernández Creus and R.C. Salvarezza.
Nanoscale, 3, 1708 (2011).

77 - Lowering the synthesis temperature of Ni2P/SiO2 by palladium addition.
V. Teixeira da Silva, L.A. Sousa, R.M. Amorim, L. Andrini, S.A.J. Figueroa, F.G. Requejo and F.C Vicentin.
J. Catalysis. 279 (1), 88 (2011).

76 - Formation of one dimensional linear chains by Ir-Ir bonds in cis-dicarbonyldichloroiridate (I).
D.E. Bikiel, J.M. Ramallo-López, F.G. Requejo, O.B. Oña, M.B. Ferraro, J.C. Facelli and F. Doctorovich.
Polyhedron 30 (2), 221 (2011).


75 - Analysis of the main optical mechanisms responsible for fragmentation of gold nanoparticles by femtosecond laser radiation.
F.A. Videla, G.A. Torchia, D.C. Schinca, L.B. Scaffardi, P. Moreno, C. Méndez, L.J. Giovanetti, J.M. Ramallo Lopez and L.Roso.
J. Appl. Phys., 107, 114308 (2010).

74 - Speciation of copper in spherical mesoporous silicates: from the micro-scale to Ångström.
C.M. Chanquía, Leandro. Andrini, J.D. Fernández, M.E. Crivello, F.G. Requejo, E.R. Herrero and G.A. Eimer.
J. Phys. Chem. C 114 (28), 12221 (2010).

73 - Synthesis and characterization of gold@gold(I)-thiomalate core@shell nanoparticles.
G. Corthey, L.J. Giovanetti, J.M. Ramallo-López, E.a Zelaya, A.A. Rubert, G.A. Benitez, F.G. Requejo, M.H. Fonticelli and R.C. Salvarezza.
ACS Nano 4 (6), 3413 (2010).

72 - Large-pore mesoporous titania-silica thin films (Ti1-xSixO2, 0.1 ≤ x ≤ 0.9) with highly interdispersed mixed oxide frameworks.
P.C. Angelomé, L. Andrini, M.C. Fuertes, F.G. Requejo and G.J.A.A. Soler-Illia.
Comptes Rendus Chimie 13 (1-2), 256 (2010).


71 - Oxygen electroreduction on Iron-Melanin granular surfaces.
A. González-Orive, A. Hernández-Creus, D. Grumelli, G. A. Benitez, L.R. Andrini, F.G. Requejo, C. Bonazzola and R.C. Salvarezza.
J. Phys. Chem. C 113 (39), 17097 (2009).

70 - Electrochemical preparation and delivery of melanin-iron covered gold nanoparticle.
D. Grumelli, C. Vericat, G. Benitez, R.C. Salvarezza, J. M. Ramallo López, L. Giovanetti, F. G. Requejo, Y.S. Shon, A. González Orive, Y. Gimeno and A. Hernández Creus.
Chem. Phys. Chem. 10 (2), 370 (2009).


69 - Nitrate hydrogenation on Pt,In/Al2O3: EXAFS and XANES characterization of fresh and used catalysts.
F.A. Marchesini, C.A. Querini, E.E. Miró, F.G. Requejo and J.M. Ramallo-López.
Catal. Comm. 10 (3), 355 (2008).

68 - Spontaneous oxidation of disordered fcc FePt nanoparticles.
P. de la Presa, T. Rueda, A. Hernando, J.M. Ramallo-López, L.J. Giovanetti and F.G. Requejo.
J. App. Phys. 103, 103909 (2008).

67 - Tuning the ring-opening reaction of 1,3-dimethylcyclohexane with the addition of potassium over Ir-containing catalysts.
S.L. González-Cortés, S. Dorkjampa, P.T. Do, Z.Li, W.E. Alvarez, J.M. Ramallo-López and F.G. Requejo.
Chem. Eng. J. 139, 147 (2008).

66 - Local structure and magnetic behaviour of Fe-doped TiO2 anatase nanoparticles: experiments and calculations.
C.E. Rodríguez-Torres, A.F. Cabrera, L.A. Errico, C. Adán, F.G. Requejo, M. Weissmann and S.J. Stewart.
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 20, 135210 (2008).


65 - The role of outer-sphere surface acidity in alkene epoxidation catalyzed by calixarene-Ti(IV) complexes.
J.M. Notestein, A. Solovyov, L.R. Andrini, F.G. Requejo, A. Katz and Enrique Iglesia.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129 (50), 15585 (2007).

64 - Electronic perturbation in a molecular wire of [IrCl5(NO)]– units.
F. Di Salvo, N. Escola, D.A. Scherlis, D.A. Estrin, C. Bondía, D. Murgida, J.M. Ramallo López, F.G. Requejo, L. Shimon and Fabio Doctorovich.
Chem. - A Eur. J. 13 (30), 8428 (2007).

63 - Electronic structure of cobalt nanocrystals suspended in liquid.
H. Liu, J.-H. Guo, Y. Yin, A. Augustsson, C. Dong, J. Nordgren, C. Chang, P. Alivisatos, G. Thornton, D.F. Ogletree, F.G. Requejo, F. de Groot and M. Salmeron.
Nanoletters 7 (7), 1919 (2007).

62 - Mesoporous Anatase TiO2 Films: use of Ti K-XANES for the quantification of the nanocrystalline character and substrate effects in the photocatalysis behavior.
P.C. Angelome, L. Andrini, M.E. Calvo, F.G. Requejo, S.A. Bilmes and G.J.A.A. Soler-Illia.
J. Phys. Chem. C 111 (29), 10886 (2007).

61 – Preparation of ultrathin thiolate-covered bimetallic systems: from extended planar to nanoparticle surface.
M.H. Fonticelli, G. Corthey , G.A. Benitez, R.C. Salvarezza, L.J. Giovanetti, F.G. Requejo and Y.S. Shon.
J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 9359 (2007).

60 - Thiol-capped gold nanoparticles on graphite: spontaneous adsorption and electrochemically induced release.
D. Grumelli, C. Vericat, G. Benitez, M.E. Vela, R.C. Salvarezza, L.J. Giovanetti, J.M. Ramallo-López, F.G. Requejo, A.F. Craievich and Y. S. Shon.
J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 7179 (2007).

59 - Anomalous vibrational properties induced by surface effects in capped Pt nanoparticles.
L.J. Giovanetti,J.M.Ramallo López, F.G. Requejo, D.I. García Gutierrez, M. Jose-Yacamán and A.F. Craievich.
J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 7599 (2007).

58 - Cationic exchange in nanosized ZnFe2O4 spinel revealed by experimental and simulated near-edge absorption structure.
S.J. Stewart, S.J.A. Figueroa, J.M. Ramallo López, S.G. Marchetti, J.F. Bengoa, R.J. Prado and F.G. Requejo.
Phys. Rev. B. 75, 073408 (2007).

57 - Angle-resolved x-ray absorption near edge structure study of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes.
Z. Li, L. Zhang, D.E. Resasco, B. Simon Mun and F.G. Requejo.
App. Phys. Lett. 90, 103115 (2007).

56 - In-containing BEA zeolite for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx. Part II: Relation between In active sites and catalytic activity.
O.A. Anunziata, A.R. Beltramone, E.J. Lede and Felix G. Requejo.
J. Mol. Catal. A: Chemical. 267, 272 (2007).

55 - In-containing BEA zeolite for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx. Part I: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity.
O.A. Anunziata, A.R. Beltramone and Felix G. Requejo.
J. Mol. Catal. A: Chemical. 267, 194 (2007).

54 - Structural Assessment and Catalytic Consequences of the Oxygen Coordination Environment in Grafted Ti-Calixarenes.

J.M. Notestein, L.R. Andrini, V.I. Kalchenko, F.G. Requejo, A. Katz and E. Iglesia.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129 (5), 1122 (2007).

53 - Electrocatalytic and magnetic properties of ultrathin nanostructured Iron-Melanin films on Au(111).

A. González Orive, P. Dip , Y. Gimeno, P. Díaz, P. Carro, A. Hernández Creus, G. Benítez, P.L. Schilardi, L. Andrini, F. Requejo and R.C. Salvarezza.
Chem. - A Eur. J. 13 (2), 473 (2007).

52 - Magnetic ZnFe2O4 nanoferrites studied by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism and Mössbauer Spectroscopy.

S.J. Stewart, S.J.A. Figueroa, M.B. Sturla, F. García and F.G. Requejo.
Physica B 389 (1), 155 (2007).

51 - XAFS, SAXS and HREM characterization of Pd nanoparticles capped with n-alkyl thiol molecules.
J.M. Ramallo-López, L. Giovanetti, A.F. Craievich, F. Vicentín, M. Marín-Almazo, M. José-Yacaman and F.G. Requejo.
Physica B 389 (1), 150 (2007).


50 - Influence of a top crust of entangled nanotubes on the structure of vertically aligned forests of single-walled carbon nanotubes.
L. Zhang, Z. Li, Y. Tan, G. Lolli, N. Sakulchaicharoen, F.G. Requejo, B.S. Mun and D.E. Resasco
Chem. Mater. 18, 5624 (2006).

49 - Influence of N-doping on titania nanoparticles on their structure, electronics and photocatalytic activity.
S.J. Stewart, M. Fernández-García, C. Belver, S.B. Mun and F.G. Requejo.
J. Phys. Chem. B 110, 16482 (2006).

48 - Molecular conformation changes in alkylthiols ligands as a function of size in gold nanoparticles.
J.M. Ramallo-López, L.J. Giovanetti, F.G. Requejo, S.R. Isaacs, Y.S. Shon and M. Salmeron
Phys. Rev. B. 74 (7), 73410 (2006).

47 - Nitrogen-containing TiO2 photocatalysts. Part 2: Photocatalytic behavior under sunlight excitation.
C. Belver, R. Bellod, S.J. Stewart, F.G. Requejo and M. Fernández-García.
Appl. Catal. B: Environmental 65, 309 (2006).


46 – XANES study of electronic and structural nature of Mn-sites in manganese oxides with catalytic properties.
S.J.A. Figueroa, E.J. Lede, F.G. Requejo, L. Lamaita, M.A. Peluso and J.E. Sambeth.
Catal. Today 107–108, 849 (2005).

45 - XANES/EXAFS study and catalytic properties of the confined Cr carbonyl–MCM-41 system.
F.G. Requejo, J.M. Ramallo-López, R. Rosas-Salas, J.M. Domínguez, J.A. Rodriguez, J-Y. Kim and R. Quijada.
Catal. Today 107–108, 750 (2005).

44 - Temperature effect on the synthesis of Au-Pt bimetallic nanoparticles.
D.I. Garcia-Gutierrez, C.E. Gutierrez-Wing, L. Giovanetti, J.M. Ramallo-López, F.G. Requejo and M. Jose-Yacaman.
J. Phys. Chem. B 109 (9), 3813 (2005).

43 - Electron Spectroscopy of aqueous solution interfaces reveals surface enhancement of halides.
Sutapa Ghosal, John C. Hemminger, Bongjin Simon Mun, Hendrik Bluhm, Guido Ketteler, D. Frank Ogletree, Félix G. Requejo and Miquel Salmeron.
Science 307, 563 (2005).

42 - XPS and EXAFS study of supported PtSn catalysts obtained by surface organometallic chemistry on metals. Application to the isobutane dehydrogenation.
G.J.Siri, J.M.Ramallo-López, M.L.Casella, J.L.G.Fierro, F.G. Requejo and O.A.Ferretti.
Appl.Catal.A: General 278, 239 (2005).

41 - Complementary methods for cluster size distribution measurements: supported platinum nanoclusters in methane reforming catalysts.
J. M. Ramallo-López, F. G. Requejo, A. F. Craievich, J. Wei, M. Avalos-Borja and E. Iglesia.
J. Mol. Catal. A: Chemical 228, 299 (2005).


40 - XANES characterization of extremely nanosized metal carbonyl subspecies (Me = Cr, Mn, Fe and Co) confined onto the mesopores of MCM-41 materials.
J.M. Ramallo-López, E.J. Lede, F.G. Requejo, J. Rodríguez, J.Y. Kim, R. Rosas-Salas and J.M. Domínguez.
J.Phys.Chem.B 108, 20005 (2004).

39 - Fe-containing ZSM-11 zeolites as active catalyst for SCR of NOx: Part II. XAFS characterization and its relationship with the catalytic properties.
F.G. Requejo, J.M. Ramallo-Lopez,A.R. Beltramone, L.B. Pierella and O.A. Anunziata
App. Catal. A: General 266, 147 (2004).

38 - Fe-containing ZSM-11 zeolites as active catalyst for SCR of NOx: Part I. Synthesis, characterization by XRD, BET and FTIR and catalytic properties.
O.A. Anunziata, L.B. Pierella, J.M. Ramallo-López and F.G. Requejo
App. Catal. A: General 264, 93 (2004).

37 - An in situ XPS study of site competition between CO and NO on Rh(111) in equilibrium with the gas phase.
F.G. Requejo, E. Hebenstreit, D.F. Ogletree and M. Salmeron
J. Catal. 226, 83 (2004).


36 - Titanium K-Edge XANES analysis to unravel the local structure of alkene epoxidation titanium-polysiloxane homogeneous catalysts.
G. Blanco-Brieva, M.C. Capel-Sanchez, J. M. Campos-Martín, J. L. G. Fierro, E. J. Lede, L. Andrini, F.G. Requejo
Adv. Synt. Catal. 345 (12), 1314 (2003).

35 - Fourier Transform IR study of NO + CH4 + O2 co-adsorption on a In-ZSM-5 DeNOx catalyst.

A.R. Beltramone, L.B. Pierella, F.G. Requejo and O.A. Anunziata
Catal. Lett. 91 (1), 19 (2003).

34 – XPS and XAFS Pt L2,3-edge studies of dispersed metallic Pt and PtSn clusters on SiO2 obtained by organometallic synthesis: structural and electronic characteristics.
J.M. Ramallo-López, G. Santori, L. Giovanetti, M. Casella, O. Ferretti and F.G.Requejo
J. Phys. Chem. B 107 (41), 11441 (2003).

33 – Structure of extremely nanosized and confined In-O species in ordered porous materials.
J.M. Ramallo-López, M. Rentería, E.E. Miró, A. Traverse and F.G. Requejo
Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 108304 (2003).

32 - In situ investigation of the nature of the active surface of a vanadyl Pyrophosphate catalyst during n-Butane oxidation to Maleic Anhydride.
M. Hävecker, R.W. Mayer, A. Knop-Gericke, H. Bluhm, E. Kleimenov, A. Liskowsi, D. Su, R. Follath, F.G. Requejo, F. Ogletree, M. Salmeron, J.A. Lopez-Sanchez, J. K. Bartley, G.J. Hutchings and R. Schlögl.
J. Phys. Chem. B 107, 4587 (2003).


31 - Perturbed angular correlation characterization of indium species on In/H-ZSM5 in the presence of water and catalytic deactivation studies during the SCR of NOx with methane.
J.M.Ramallo-López, L.B.Gutierrez, A.G.Bibiloni, F.G.Requejo and E.E.Miró
Catal. Lett. 82 (1-2), 131 (2002).

30 - Effect of Phosphorus content in Nickel Phosphide catalysts studied by XAFS and other techniques.
S. T. Oyama, X. Wang, Y.-K. Lee, K. Bando and F. G. Requejo
J. Catal. 210 (1), 207 (2002).

29 - Hydrodesulfurization of petroleum Ffeedstocks with a new type of non-sulfide hydrotreating catalyst.
S. T. Oyama, X. Wang, F. G. Requejo, T. Sato and Y. Yoshimura
J. Catal. (Priority Communication) 209 (1), 1 (2002).

28 - XANES Mo L-edges and XPS Study of Mo loaded in HY Zeolite.
E.J. Lede, F.G. Requejo, B. Pawelec and J.L.G. Fierro
J. Phys. Chem. B. 106 (32), 7824 (2002).

27 - In-situ PAC study of InPt exchanged zeolites under different redox conditions.
J.M. Ramallo-Lopez, F.G. Requejo, A.G. Bibiloni, L.B. Gutierrez and E.E. Miró.
J. Phys. Chem. B. 106 (32), 1520 (2002).

26 - Structural characterization of Tungsten Phosphide (WP) hydrotreating catalysts by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
S.T. Oyama, P. Clark, X. Wang, T. Shido, Y. Iwasawa, S. Hayashi, J.M. Ramallo-López and F.G. Requejo
J. Phys.Chem. B. 106 (8), 1913 (2002).


25 - Promotional effect of reduction treatments of PtInFerrierite on its activity in the SCR of NO with methane. Kinetics and characterization studies.
L.B.Gutierrez, J.M.Ramallo-López, S.Irusta, E.E.Miró and F.G.Requejo
J. Phys. Chem. B. 105 (39), 9514 (2001).

24 - Nature of the active sites of Mo-containing zeolites.
F.G. Requejo, E.J. Lede, L.B. Pierella and O.A. Anunziata
Stud. Surf. Scie. Catal. 135, 347 (2001).

23 - 04-P-07-Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of FeBEA and FeMFI zeolite obtained by xerogel wetness impregnation.
O.A. Anunziata, L.B. Pierella, E.J. Lede and F.G. Requejo
Stud. Surf. Scie. Catal. 135 , 335 (2001).

22 - XAFS characterization of highly active Alumina-suported Molybdenum Phosphide catalysts (MoP/Al2O3) for hydrotreating.
S.T. Oyama, P. Clark, V.L.S. Teixeira da Silva, E.J. Lede and F.G. Requejo
J. Phys. Chem. B 105 (21), 4961 (2001).

21 - In situ and ex situ XANES study of nanodispersed Mo species in zeolites used in fine Chemistry Catalysis.
M.Rentería, A. Traverse, O.A. Anunziata, E.J. Lede, L. Pierella and F.G. Requejo
J. Synchr. Rad. 8, 531 (2001).

20 - EXAFS, TDPAC and TPR characterization of PtInFerrierite: the role of surface species in the SCR of NOx with CH4.
J.M. Ramallo-Lopez, F.G. Requejo, L.B. Gutierrez, E.E. Miro,
Appl. Catal. B: Environmental 29 (1), 35(2001).


19 - Combined TDPAC and EXAFS study of InPt/FER catalysts.
J. M. Ramallo López, F. G. Requejo, E.E.Miró, L. Gutierrez, A. G. Bibiloni and M. Rentería.
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 55A, 327 (2000).

18 - PAC identification of electric-nuclear-quadrupole interactions at 181Ta impurity sites in monoclinic B-Sm2O3.
L. A. Errico, M. Rentería, A.G.Bibiloni, and F.G. Requejo
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 55A, 155 (2000).


17 - Perturben Angular Correlation characterization of Indium species on In/H-ZSM5 catalysts.
E.E.Miró, L.Gutiérrez, J.M. Ramallo López and F.G. Requejo.
J. Catal. 188, 375 (1999).

16 - Perturbed Angular Correlation study of ion exchange of indium into silicalite zeolites.
J.M. Ramallo López, F.G. Requejo, M.Rentería, A.G. Bibiloni and E.E. Miró
Hyp. Int. 120/121, 529 (1999).

15 - Hyperfine interaction in 111Cd-doped lutetium sesquioxide.
L.A. Errico, M. Rentería, A.G. Bibiloni and F.G. Requejo
Hyp. Int. 120/121, 457 (1999).

14 - In-containing H-ZSM5 zeolites with various Si/Al ratios for the NO SCR in the presence of CH4 and O2. PAC, TPAD and FTIR studies.
F.G. Requejo, J.M. Ramallo López, E.J. Lede, E.E. Miró, L. Pierella and O.A. Anunziata.
Catal. Today 54 (4) 553 (1999).

13 - Impuriry cationic-site population and electric-field gradient dependence on ionic size in bixbite sesquioxides implanted with 181Hf -> 181Ta.
M. Rentería, A.G. Bibiloni, F.G. Requejo, A.F. Pasquevich, J. Shitu, L.A. Errico and K.P. Freitag.
Mod. Phys. Lett. B 12 (20), 819 (1998).

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